We would like to kindly inform you that due to the threat caused by the coronavirus and a worldwide pandemic, preventive measures are being taken in the Company to ensure absolute security for all LOTAMS employees, associates and clients. Please find the most important information about the company’s activities below.

The most important actions taken by LOTAMS:

Appointment of the Crisis Management Staff

The Crisis Management Staff consists of the Management Board, key representatives of the production area as well as support and administration. Staff members regularly analyze the epidemiological situation and the possibilities of LOTAMS response in various situations.

Regular disinfection of all aircraft entering service

Purchase of non-contact thermometers and appropriate replenishment of first aid kits located at LOTAMS

Increasing the number of dispensers and the availability of cleaning and disinfecting agents located at LOTAMS

Work in disposable gloves

All employees working directly on the plane were ordered to wear disposable gloves.

Reorganization of working time

Change of employee schedules in such a way as to limit the overlap of changes and reduce the number of people who appear simultaneously in social rooms or in the canteen.

Remote work

In order to reduce the number of people appearing on the Company’s premises, administrative and office employees started working remotely.

Minimizing people-to-people contacts

All meetings and trainings were canceled andwere replaced by e-mail, telephoneor teleconferencing as well as webinars.

Safety recommendations and rules

The Company’s authorities regularly provide employees with current information in the form of text and graphics recommendations and safety rules in the face of the epidemic.

Coronavirus – awareness raising

The Company’s authorities regularly provide employees with the most important information about coronavirus (symptoms, what to do in case of suspected infection, information on quarantine, contact with relevant facilities).

The company has also introduced restrictions for all persons entering LOTAMS. Among them we can distinguish:

Mandatory temperature measurement

Anyone willing to enter the LOTAMS area must undergo a mandatory temperature measurement made with a non-contact thermometer. In the case of body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius – the measurement is taken twice more with an interval of several minutes. If at each of the measurements the body temperature of a person does not fall below the above-mentioned values – a person cannot enter LOTAMS.

Obligation to wear disposable gloves and masks for all foreigners.

It is forbidden to enter the LOTAMS premises for all persons who during the last 14 days:

o Traveled or stayed in the region where SARS-CoV-2 occurred

o Have close contact with a person diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection

o Worked or stayed as visitors in the health care unit where SARS-CoV-2 infected patients were treated

Detailed instructions on the activities described above, as well as information on how to behave in each situation are provided at each entry to LOTAMS.

Please be advised that due to the Company taking the actions described above, LOTAMS continuously performs technical maintenance of aircraft. We are available by phone and e-mail for all our clients, colleagues and partners. We remain at your disposal, open to additional questions or doubts.