LOTAMS performed the third check of Air Europa fleet

On January 8, 2020, the C-check of the B737-800 NG of the Air Europe airline began. Works on the EC-LPR aircraft was the third heavy check that LOTAMS performed for the Spanish carrier.

The cooperation between the Polish maintenance leader and Air Europa began in April 2019 with the Embraer 195 check. The second base maintenance on the same type of took place in October the same year.

The latest work was connected with the C-check of B737-800 NG. This level of service includes the performance of a wide range of thorough inspections as well as control of individual structural elements, systems and components. Lasting around 30 days, Type C-check is one of the largest coverage inspections of this type of aircrafts. All elements of the aircraft structure and all aerial parts undergo systematic inspections and possible repairs. As part of the ordered service, LOTAMS performed, among others repair of the front wall in the Main Landing Gear compartment. This repair was necessary because of the fatigue damage which had appeared during the operation of the aircraft.

Additionally, LOTAMS personnel modified the ADS-B navigation system to improve flight safety in high-traffic airspace. The ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) system allows tracking and presentation of air traffic in real time.

The resulting image is similar to the one seen on the radar. Additionally, the system contains information about the position of the aircraft, direction, altitude and flight number, sourced from devices mounted on each aircraft. The next operation, which was carried out a few days before the scheduled end of the heavy maintenance, was weighing the aircraft. Interestingly, the weighing process necessary for the safe operation of the aircraft is possible only under strictly controlled conditions. First, it must take place in a hangar with a stable temperature, with the door closed tightly and the ventilation, air conditioning and blow-out heaters turned off. The aircraft itself is specially prepared, cleaned and dried, and its condition and equipment are checked for compliance with a special list appropriate for a given type of aircraft and operator.

The EC-LPR check lasted 32 days and it was estimated at almost 8,000 man-hours were necessary to do all work. So far, LOTAMS has worked approximately 30,000 man-hours on the three aircrafts of the Spanish airline Air Europa.

The Air Europa fleet is one of the youngest and the most dynamically developing fleets on the continent. The carrier has such aircraft models as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 737-800 or Embraer 195. According to the PART145 certificate approvals, LOTAMS can provide all aircrafts of this carrier with both line and base maintenance.