Airbus A318 with engine CFM56Full  
Airbus A319 with engine CFM56Full Full
Airbus A320 with engine CFM56Full Full
Airbus A321 with engine CFM56Full Full
Airbus A319 with engine V2500Full Full
Airbus A320 with engine V2500Full Full
Airbus A321 with engine V2500Full Full
Boeing B-737-300/400/500 with engine CFM56FullFullFull
Boeing B-737-600/700/800/900/900ER with engine CFM56FullFull 
Boeing 737 MAX with engine LEAP-7BFull  
Boeing B-767-200/300 with engine CF80C2/CF6-80A/PW4000FullFull 
Boeing B-787-8/-9 with engine Rolls-Royce Trent 1000FullFull 
Boeing B-787-8/-9 with engine GEnxFull  
Boeing B-777-200/200LR/300/300ER/F with engine Trent 800 i GE90Full  
Bombardier DHC-8-400 with engine PW150A  Full
Embraer EMB-170-100/200 with engine CF34FullFullFull
Embraer EMB-190-100/200 with engine CF34FullFullFull

*e.g. it is also possible to paint any other types of similar size as listed above, e.g.:

  • ATR 42/172,
  • CRJ Series


Paint shop

  • Painting all metal and composite components of an aircraft,
  • Painting external elements and internal equipment of cabins,
  • Specialist painting of flaps, radar domes,
  • Aircraft vinyl uniform wrapping in accordance with the Customer’s guidelines,
  • The procedure of painting includes a complete disassembly of required elements,
  • Decorative painting and painting registration marks,
  • Repair and maintenance of painting patterns,
  • Removing all prior layers of paint and potential traces of corrosion,
  • Removing coatings: using chemical or mechanized methods on the wings, stabilizers, engine casings, and other composite components,
  • Verifying condition and repairing aircraft skin,
  • Anticorrosive layers,
  • Preparing specifications,
  • Exchange of aerodynamic fuselage sealant,
  • Airplane washing, including technical washing,
  • Non-Destructive Testing,
  • Polishing leading edges


  • Aircrafts are cleaned in H1 (winter) and outside of the hangar (summer) on an apron adapted to this operation
  • Depending on aircraft type, the number of people involved in the process varies from 4 to 10
  • We can clean any aircraft – in accordance with the Capability List
  • Cleaning takes place indoors during the winter
  • We use professional materials in line with aircraft documentation


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