The Part-21J Design Organization at LOTAMS offers a new service

On August 27, 2019, LOTAMS received the EASA Part-21J certificate, entitling it to design and certify modifications and repairs of all types and models of aircraft with a maximum take-off weight above 5,700 kg in terms of external liveries and cabin interior furnishings and equipment. Over the last several months, the LOTAMS Design Organization has completed a number of interesting projects for Polish and international customers and their various types of aircraft. After more than a year of operation, the LOTAMS Part-21J Design Organization is expanding the scope of its services with the possibility of designing and certifying elements intended for production with additive methods, commonly referred to as „3D printing”.

At the moment, LOTAMS can design and certify only small 3D printed elements of cabin equipment (e.g. various fairings, bumpers, consoles with passenger seat numbers, etc.). However, this already allows us to meet the various needs of the Company’s customers. An example is the production of elements that are no longer produced or whose extremely long delivery time may delay the activities ordered by the customer to be performed in LOTAMS hangars or workshops. The Part-21J organization at LOTAMS can design components for production with all currently available additive technologies, including powder sintering or stereolithography. If an order is placed for a given item, LOTAMS already offers the possibility of producing it in two Part-21G Approved Production Organizations equipped with 3D printers, one of which is in Warsaw. The parts produced with this technology can be installed in any type of passenger aircraft.

Parts for passenger airplanes are starting to be produced more and more often with additive technologies, for passenger cabin as well as engines applications. I am glad that our Part-21J Design Organization is joining aviation companies offering this type of products. – said Krzysztof Buczko, managing the Part-21J organization at LOTAMS.

The Part-21J certificate obtained by LOTAMS enables the preparation of aircraft exterior liveries, as well as minor modifications and repairs of interior elements of passenger cabins, cockpits and cargo compartments, such as replacing textile items (e.g. carpets, floor coverings, seat covers, curtains) or replacing or adding information stickers affixed to interior items. When it comes to modifications of external aircraft liveries, LOTAMS offers design and certification of new liveries or white livery (usually required at the end of the aircraft leasing); application of decorative decals made of self-adhesive foils, replacing registration marks or designing technical markings (e.g. adding new markings, replacing existing painted markings with stickers, preparing bilingual markings, etc.)

All information about the services offered by our Design Organization can be found on the website, and specific inquiries should be sent to the e-mail address