New investment of LOTAMS and the Polish Aviation Group

One of the largest ultra-modern aircraft maintenance bases in Europe will be built in Poland (Rzeszów)


Polish Aviation Group, LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOTAMS) and Rzeszów Jasionka Airport have concluded agreements related to the purchase of two plots of land(13 hectares) at the Jasionka Airport. One of the largest and ultra-modern aircraft maintenance bases in Europe will be built on it. From 2022, narrow and widebody aircraft from around the world will be serviced there.


Only within the first stage of the construction of the Rzeszów base, approximately 150 million PLN will be invested and over 300 highly qualified professionals will find employment. Ultimately, investments will reach 500 million PLN and the employment level will be over 1.5 thousand people. The entire infrastructure will consist of three hangars for servicing and repairing aircraft and one dedicated hangar for painting of the planes. The project involves the creation of workshop, warehouse, technical, social and office facilities. In addition to departments dedicated directly for aircraft services, LOTAMS plans to create and operate departments supporting maintenance activities: planning, engineering, logistics, tool shop, NDT testing, component service, structural workshops, avio-electro workshops, aesthetics. Under the assumptions of such a scale of the project, LOTAMS will be able to perform simultaneous maintenance of 4 widebody aircrafts like twin-engine Boeing 787 Dreamliner, 5 narrow-body aircrafts (e.g. Boeing 737) or alternatively 15 narrow-body aircraftsor up to 20 regional aircrafts (e.g. Embraer 195).

Aviation is one of the leading industries in using new technologies. In Poland, our industry is growing even more dynamically than in Western Europe. Over the next 15 years, 90 million passengers will be served in at Polish airports, i.e. twice as much as at present. This is a chance for specialization for the entire Central Europe region – said Rafał Milczarski – PLL LOT and Polish Aviation Group CEO – In 2015, LOT carried just over 4 million passengers, this year it will exceed 10 million. This growth is supported by the assembly of previously dispersed assets in the Polish Aviation Group, as well as the construction of a Central Communication Port, which will become a hub for our part of Europe.

Location for this investment is not accidental. Rzeszów Jasionka Airport has great infrastructure development opportunities. The Podkarpackie Aviation Cluster is developing intensively, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities. It is not a coincidence that LOTAMS invest here – there are many aviation companies in the region, research centers, educational institutions, technical aviation schools and universities. It is also worth mentioning that the development of the aviation industry is also one of the key elements in the development strategy of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship for 2007-2020.

The investment decision is a response to the dynamically developing aviation market. According to data compiled by O. Wyman – currently the global fleet of aircraft is 27,492 planes.
In ten years, by 2029, the fleet will increase to 39 175. An increasing number of air operations will increase the need for aircraft maintenance
noted Aleksandra Juda, LOTAMS CEO The lack of service slots is already noticeable, because the airlines are ready to service their machines even at the other part of the world. LOTAMS receives numerous inquiries about the possibility of performing maintenance from international carriers. The airlines operate new and old generation aircraft, and as a result technical bases are expected to have high competence, as well as appropriate qualifications for maintaining both types of aircraft, especially for engineers and technicians. A modern MRO must implement new technologies, modernize and expand infrastructure, buy tools and collect necessary data for perfect implementation of service processes. Thanks to the construction of hangars in Rzeszów, LOTAMS will be ready on the projected development of the entire aviation industry, will be able to operate more aircraft and will strengthen its leadership position in the Central Europe region. Bearing in mind market trends, we focus on responsible development, especially regarding staff – we cooperate with technical schools in Rzeszów and Krosno, which are training aviation mechanic technician and avionics technician. Thanks to this, it is possible to help develop proper graduates and shorten the adaptation time at the workplace. Cooperation is based, among others on the LOTAMS proprietary educational program „Zostań mechanikiem wyższych lotów”, under which graduates have the opportunity to practice their profession.

Podkarpackie Voivodeship in its DNA has aviation, which is why the creation of the most modern aircraft maintenance base in the Central Europe region is a great distinction for us. In the future, in Podkarpacie region, the most modern aircraft will be repaired here.This means – only at the beginning – investments of 150 million PLN and a workplace for 300 professionals from the aviation industry and ultimately much, much more. That is why I am very happy today. I assure you that LOTAMS made the right choice – commented Władysław Ortyl Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

The expansion of the technical base in Jasionka is a chance for our airport to strengthen cooperation
with the national carrier in the context of the development of the connection network. It is also part of our strategy to diversify the company’s revenue sources and attract new business partners
– said Adam Hamryszczak – Rzeszów Jasionka Airport CEO.