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A brand new hangar of LOTAMS

A brand new hangar of 7.5 thousand m2 will be built in the technical base of LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services, located in vicinity of Warsaw Chopin Airport. The hangar will be able to take in all wide-body passenger aircrafts, and namely Boeing B787 Dreamliners and Airbuses A350. As per the agreed schedule, the construction project should be completed in 2017.

In the context of a dynamic expansion of the aviation industry, and in particular the launch of brand new aircraft models, coupled with an increasing number of travellers, the need is now to align services and infrastructure with the clients’ needs.  

LOTAMS is a company specialized in the maintenance of passenger aircraft, and the only Embraer Aircraft Maintenance and Service Center for Central and Eastern Europe. For 5 years now , it has been an independent operator on the MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) market and has been expanding rapidly, providing services to LOT Polish Airlines and to several dozen of airline operators from around the world. At present LOTAMS has 4 hangars and a cutting edge aircraft spare parts warehouse, and is able to provide services 24h/7. For more information, visit

The services housed in the new hangar will be targeted at operators flying from Chopin Airport and will additionally address the needs of others, and namely those with Boeing B787 Dreamliners in their fleet.

In order for the hangar to be built, a number of formal steps need to be completed and sources of financing are now to be found. The company has already concluded a Stand-by Agreement and has been negotiating with the Polish Treasury Ministry on the possibility of co-financing from the Companies Restructuring Fund.

At present, the conceptual design stage has been completed, and administrative procedures are under way to obtain the zoning approval. In the near future, the Company intends to select, in the bidding process, the contractor for the construction stage, and next the general contractor.

We do believe that this investment project will make of the Warsaw base, operating under LOTAMS name, one of the major locations on the European map of passenger aircraft service centers.



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